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NRA Short-term Gunsmithing, Knife Making, & Law Enforcement Armorer School Courses 2010


AR-15 Alternate Caliber Class – Len Fagan
This intensive class will focus on some of the more popular modifications and caliber trends unique to the AR-15 platform. Learn proper parts selection, correct assembly technique and the machine shop modifications required to build an AR-15 chambered in .223 Wylde and in the Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel cartridge. Machining skills required.
May 11-May 15 $120+ $50 supply fee
Welding for Gunsmithing - Tom Beverly
Introduction to TIG welding equipment, proper applications and types of welds for the gunsmith. Instructor has experience as both a welder and gunsmith.
May 17-21 $120 + $50 supply fee
Gunstock Checkering - Tim Carrick
Learn layout and hand-cutting of a standard point pattern, layout and hand-cutting of a fleur-de-lis pattern, recutting of existing patterns to include stamped checkering.
May 17-21 $120 + $50 supply fee
Firearms Repair – Len Fagan
Learn to do basic gun repair covering: basic tools, function/cycle of operation of shotguns, rifles, and handguns, disassembly and reassembly of firearms, diagnostics, fitting and adjusting parts, cleaning and preventive maintenance.
May17-21 $120+ $50 supply fee
Machine Shop - John Davis
Introduction to machine tools: drill press, lathe, milling machine and bench grinder. Learn basic hand tools, grinding tools and measuring instrument use.
June 4 (No Weekends)
$175 + $50 supply fee


Match Accurizing AR-15 - Mark Hunt
Learn the current techniques in accurizing an AR-15. Topics include tightening upper and lower receivers, barrel replacements, and trigger jobs. During this one week course learn to hone the AR-15 to a competitive edge.
June 7-11 $120 + $50 supply fee
Ultimate Advanced AR-15 Class – Mark Hunt
The advanced AR-15 class is designed to allow students access to the machine shop to highly customize an AR type rifle or pistol. Side cocking bolt handles, custom unique chambers, gas system modifications and all types of after market parts should be considered for this class and are highly encouraged. Machine shop qualified students only for this class; you must be able to chamber a barrel. Planning ahead for this class is a must for your custom project. (Venders are always out of custom parts.) This class is an opportunity to build a custom dream rifle with oversight from the Gunsmiting instructor.
June 14-18 $120 + $50 supply fee
*Bolt Action Accurizing - James Messer
Learn precision action work, threading, chambering, other accurizing techniques. Improve performance of bolt action rifles from muzzle to breech. Bedding methods will also be covered. (Working knowledge of lathes required.)
June 21-25 $350 (8 student limit)


Custom 1911 45 Accurizing – Bob Marvel
Extract the maximum precision, reliability, and shootability out of the 1911. Instruction includes slide tightening and fitting an oversize match barrel, troubleshooting, headspacing, lug engagement, barrel crowning, sight installation, reliability, and trigger work.
July 19-30 (No Weekends) $175 + $50 supply fee


Beginning Intermediate Metal Engraving –  Jesse Houser
This two-week course will focus on drawing and cutting basic and intermediate designs for engraving metal. The course will be self paced depending on the students’ needs. During the second week students will be drawing and cutting designs on their own projects.
Aug 2-11 $175 + $50 supply fee
Airgun Design and Function – Tony McDaniel
The purpose of this class is to familiarize the student with the design and function of airguns. Periods of instruction will cover pneumatic, Co2, spring and PCP airguns. This class will detail the cycle of operation and discuss the interaction of all component parts. This information will equip the student to more readily troubleshoot and make repairs on most of the more popular airgun models and designs.
Aug 9-13 $120 + $50 supply fee
Barrel Relining – Brownells
The purpose of this class is to assist the firearm owner and hobbyist in determining whether barrel relining is appropriate for the firearm. Instruction will include proper techniques and tools used to prepare the gun barrel and options for fixing various liners in the drilled barrel, refitting extractors etc. and test firing the assembled gun. Students will need to bring a serviceable firearm with pitted or damaged bore in black powder cartridge or rimfire caliber.
Aug 9-13 $120 + $50 supply fee
Knife Making Courses
* Custom Folding Knives  - Ed VanHoy
Design and craft a custom liner-lock folding knife. The instructor will show the basic principles and methods of construction required to make a folding knife. Design, machine work, drilling, tapping, grinding the blade and finishing will be covered. Each student will complete a knife using both machine shop and common hand tools.
Apr 29-May 2 $315
*Sliver Sheaths – Tommy McNabb
Learn to make a classic metal sheath for a bowie or dagger knife using metal forming techniques and soldering.
May 14-16 $240
*Grinding Knife Blades – Barry & Phillip Jones
Learn fixed blade design using the basic principles and methods of knife construction, including how to grind and heat treat knife blades, as well as fitting and finishing handles.
Jul 8-11 $315
* Silver Wire Inlay – Steve Keeslar
Learn the decorative art of inlaying silver wire into wooden gunstocks and knife handles. Students will learn design, layout and proper tool technique to make beautiful patterns.
Jul 16-18 $240
*Forged Scagel – James Batson
Learn the basics of forging and assembling a classic William Scagel style folding knife. Students will learn how to forge the blade and prepare it with a file and grinder for heat treating. Course is designed for all levels of student skills
Aug 13-15 $240
*Basic Knifemaking – Travis Daniel
Learn knifemaking by designing and making a knife under the guidance of the instructor. Each student will grind, heat, and finish a knife using the stock removal method. This class is for beginners to intermediates who want to perfect their knife making talents.
Aug 19-22 $315
*Automatic Folding Knives - Ed VanHoy
Design and craft a spring-loaded folding knife. The course will include the basic principles and methods of construction required to make a spring-loaded automatic folder. Techniques will include drilling, tapping, grinding and finishing.
Sept 9-12 $315
*Leather Sheaths – Rob Bennett
Learn how to make a leather sheath for knives on pistol holsters. Techniques include design, stamping and finishing. Tool kit required.
Oct 1-3 $240
Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation by the college. Montgomery Community College reserves the right to cancel any course due to low enrollment.

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